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High Quality Windows

Your home is more than likely the single most significant investment you will make in your life and choosing the right windows and doors is an integral part of making your home secure, warmer, airtight, energy-efficient, stylish, and virtually maintenance-free. 

Our windows are designed and manufactured on-site at our factory in Ballina, we are a family business so at the end of the day it’s important that the product we are sending out is the best we can achieve, built to last!! . We seldom make changes to the product but generally when we do, its to keep ahead of the times whether it’s in energy efficiency, security or whatever it may be importantly its to stay at the top in quality window and door manufacturing.

Quality is never compromised by cheap hardware, profiles, seals, or glazing. Most windows produced today are, whether it’s with co-extruded seals (explained below) or security locking but it always worth doing that research first.

When making desicions about the kind of windows to install, understanding what’s important for you can be difficult,  so below we have compiled a list of 12 key things that will help you understand the key fetures to consider when selecting your choice of windows. 

12 Essential Features to consider when Buying windows

  • Energy Efficieny
  • Internal Glazing
  • Seals
  • Security & Locking Systems
  • HingesGlazing 
  • Air Tightness
  • Chamber Profile
  • Frames
  • Joints
  • Style
  • Gaurantee 
  •  A-Rated as Standard  We use a 5 chamber frame with our Thermaglaze glass, combined with air tightness give the A rating. A rating means your heat stays in the house for longer without the need for as much fuel, average home can save up to 400 euro a year.
  • Energy rated performance glass
  • All our windows are fitted with our THERMAGLAZE double or triple glazing as standard assembled using a warm-edge spacer bar
  • Internal Glazing
  • The glazing is all done from the inside meaning it cannot be removed easily from the outside by any potential intruder.
  • Qlon Synthetic Seals
  • We don’t use rubber seals on our windows or mechanical applied seals due to the known fact that they can perish and deteriorate in a short space of time. Mechanically (co-extruded) applied seals have more of a chance of failure and cannot be replaced.
  • They are an integral part of the window and are welded at the joints, straight away or a couple of years on, serious problems are known to occur. Known problems are shrinking, bleeding discoloring the window, perishing causing static seals that don’t perform. These common problems cause draughts which means energy-rated glass and energy-efficient frame are useless.
  • We use a synthetic seal (Qlon)which does not have these common problems, year after year they hold their memory making sure your heat stays in the house where it should be. They are made up of a nylon exterior wall with a high-density memory foam center.
  • Below are some examples, pic on the left shows a plastic packer used as a guide to show hard a hard corner where the gasket has little compression and on the right, it shows a perfect level compression.
  • High-Security Locking
  • We use high-security locks on all openings, they range from 4 to 8 points depending on the size of the opening, this not only offers great security but enhances the airtightness on the window.
  • Heavy-duty hinges on side openings are very important, these sashs have a lot of weight to carry and are most commonly used. Many different types of hinges fail in this area causing draughts and eventually fail to close at all.

Replacement Windows

Are your windows looking tired and warped, or rotten and draughty? Want to open up a dark room to let more light in or increase indoor/outdoor flow?

Replace your existing Windows and Doors and give your house a fresh new appearance. Take advantage of; double glazing, UV control, sound reduction, safety glass and save money on your energy bills. It is one of the most sensible and worthwhile investments you will make as a homeowner.

We offer a full replacement service where our expert teams of fitters remove your old windows & Doors and Replace them with new windows and doors

Replacing your old windows will increase the value of your home…

Paint peeling from your windows and you’re sick of repainting? Condensation and drafts a problem? Then replacement windows could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Replacing ineffective windows can give your house a refreshing new look and save you money when it comes to your power bill.

Simply ask for a free in-home consultation and you’re on your way to enjoying your elegant replacement or insert windows and doors from Carrabine Joinery for years to come.


  • Economical: An affordable, flexible system that is sympathetic to the original style of your home.
  • Save on Energy Bills: Double Glazing will improve insulation performance leading to lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Better Performance:
  • Laminates and double glazing reduces outside noise.
  • Tinted and double glazed glass reduces the sun fading of your carpet and furniture.
  • Easy to maintain, healthier home.
  • Increased comfort with drafts significantly reduced.
  • Reduces condensation.
  • An ideal solution for windows that are broken or jam easily.




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