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A delightful ambiance with a panoramic view
Do you love an unobstructed view out into nature?
Are you a sun-worshipper who doesn’t want to do without at home?
Then SYNEGO lift/slide doors can offer you a whole new set of options.
Enjoy the unique panoramic effect and convert your home into a
sun-kissed oasis of domestic bliss.

Optional extras – for even greater convenience*
SYNEGO lift and slide doors deliver maximum convenience – just how
you like it. Choose from various features and configure your own personal favorite
– Special technology makes opening a breeze
– Electric motor for effortless lifting and sliding
– Soft-close damping system for a smooth glide into the locked position and optimal safety
– Special sill options for accessible entry
* Optional custom configuration to your precise specifications.

Design variety with KALEIDO COLOR
The REHAU color spectrum
With 220 bold colors to choose from, you’re sure to find just the
perfect window for every situation. Your building can have a completely custom design, giving your home a one-of-a-kind
And no matter what you choose, you can be sure that, years later, your windows will look as they
did on the first day.
Because KALEIDO COLOR retains its color and is

6-fold break-in protection for much greater security
80% of all break-ins are through easily accessible windows and doors.
In more than a third of cases, enhanced security technology thwarts the attempt. Protect your
home with more secure windows and doors. Burglars quickly move on to other targets if a window
cannot be pried open within a few seconds. The lift and slide door can be upgraded to resistance
class RC2 in accordance with EN 1627

Efficient thermal insulation: Save heating costs with SYNEGO
SYNEGO lift and slide doors offer pure savings: The outstanding thermal insulation properties with a heat
transfer coefficient (Uf) as low as 1.3 W/m²K will lower your energy consumption from day one.

20-fold noise protection – more sound sleep and greater peace and quiet
You’re surround by loud noises every day: One minute it’s the irritating din of traffic, and the next it’s the
grating sound of the neighbor’s lawnmower. With SYNEGO lift and slide doors, you can simply shut the
noise out and turn your home into a true oasis of tranquility – while enjoying efficient thermal insulation at the same time. The noise protection features achieve up to a 20-fold reduction in noise levels.

Much easier to care for: high-definition finishing (HDF)
The HDF surfaces of the SYNEGO lift and slide doors are premium quality, exceptionally smooth
and non-porous. This means that they collect less dirt and can be cleaned effortlessly with water,
a touch of cleaning agent and a soft rag.