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Career Opportunities

Contact Us if you have any questions about job opportunities or experience in the industry, we have gained a wealth of knowledge. Customer service is a huge factor within our company ethos and we aim to provide quality products and high standard of work each and every time.

As carpenters/joiners, we use  our skills to manufacture, repair , and restore structures and fittings such as windows, doors, stairs, and shop fitting from various materials is desired, along with the ability to use a wide range of tools including hammers, planes, chisels, screwdrivers, power tools, and cutting machines. We also study drawings, make calculations, and select suitable materials to meet design requirements.

Working in Joinery Company 

We wish for our team to be highly skilled, conscientious reliable, and have a keen eye for detail and problem solving, along with good organization and time management skills and the ability to communicate well with others working on the project.

Responsibilities of career in Joinery:

  • Interpreting and understanding technical drawing, blueprints, and plans
  • Interpreting and understanding technical drawings, blueprints, and plans
  • Conducting preparation and installation of windows, doors, stairways, drywalls, fittings, fixtures and cabinets, etc
  • Have a great knowledge of wood and wood by-products and know what material is right for a particular job
  • Ensuring all work is done in accordance with health & safety regulations standards
  • Be comfortable working in constrained spaces and be physically fit for the demanding work involved