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Taking care of your windows and doors

How We Work – The Process

  • Remove and inspect the sashes
  • Clean away any rot from the sills and boxes
  • Repair or replace the wood and sash weights
  • Check the pulleys are working correctly
  • Fit new sash cords
  • Install daft-proofing brushes and beads
  • Replace broken catches


Say goodbye to typical sash windows that let the warm air out and the cold air in! With our draught-proofing technique, you will see a significant improvement in room temperate. This is a cost effective measure that will reduce the amount you spend on heating and increase the comfort of your home.


A common issue with sliding sash windows is the noise. At Carrabine Joinery, our team will install acoustic glass to sound-proof your sash windows. This can be easily fitted without altering the traditional look of your home. In most cases, we replace old sashes with new acoustic glass sashes, which fit into your existing window boxes.

Sash Window Replacement

At Carrabine Joinery, our services cater to people who want to upgrade and revamp their windows and doors. While we can replace any window frame, our team has specialist skills in replacing and restoring traditional sash windows.